Fire Detection Systems & Fire alarm installation in London

Our Offers

Domestic Kit Installation

- Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

- 5 x Smoke Detector

- 2 x Heat Detector

- 2 x Call Point

- 4 x Sounder Base

- Installation/Programming/Year Warranty

                                                                             £ 1200





Comercial Kit Installation

- Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

- 10 x Smoke Detector

- 2 x Heat Detector

- 3 x Call Point

- 5 x Sounder Base

- Installation/Programming/1 Year Warranty


£ 2800

Industrial Installation

Customizable Systems using sofisticated Fire Alarm Panels mixted with other systems like Mass Notification Systems/Emergency Communication Systems, Ventilation System and Elevators.

All installations are made using high standards requerments.


Starts only from:


£ 5000

Fire alarms installation in London by Logicalgate


Protecting your home, family, property or business from fire is one of the essential actions you can take.


Are you looking for the best fire alarms installers in London? Logicalgate provides and installs all types of fire warning alarms systems in London. We provide design, engineering, inspections, maintenance and monitoring of all fire alarms systems.


As part of our solutions, we offer the installation of brand new fire security systems like fire alarms, fire detection, smoke detection, heat detection, sprinkler and fire suppression devices. Our team of technical engineers design fire and suppression systems which are precise to your facility, which will identify and react to fire circumstances to guarantee the safety of your occupants, family members and minimal damage to your home, business or building. Offering you a secure feeling, realizing that your establishments, along with the individuals who work and live inside them are protected from the ravages of fire.


Right after a fire warning alarm system is installed, we test it to be sure that it will be able to function accurately when needed, offer an overview or teaching to anybody that may need to understand the functions of the equipment and plan out your future inspection. We are able to set up a monitoring security system to the fire protection system if you want so that you could have 24 hours a day monitoring services.


In an effort to satisfy your requirements, we hire, promote and ask for continuing training for the most experienced technical staff members. Our staff can develop architectural and engineered submittals with Auto-Cad floors plans, riser diagrams, and shop drawings. Furthermore, we dispatch extremely motivated and experienced specialists to your site for installation, inspections, maintenance, and service.


We offer fire alarms systems for homes, businesses, banking institutions, schools, shopping malls and retail stores, managers and property owners, healthcare facilities and more. We have created a remarkable reputation in the fire and security systems business and continue to maintain a noticeable presence in London.


No matter whether your needs involve a new installation, renovation or upgrade, Logicalgate Security Systems has the knowledge and experience to address and satisfy your needs.


Logicalgate Security can help secure the safety of you, your household and residence in London with our residential home security solutions and business fire alarms systems. Developing a well-protected environment to suit your needs and your family members means considering the risk of fires. This actually also matters when the safety of your business assets is in your hands. Our fire alarms devices can inform you, your household, as well as your employees in the eventuality of a fire.


Logicalgate Security doesn’t stop at basically getting your house or business fire alarms system installed. We will additionally service and perform maintenance to your smoke and carbon monoxide security alarms.



We are able to help you select the right fire alarm equipment, and make certain your London residence or business is correctly protected.


The reason why your London Residence and Business should have a fire warning alarm system.


Home security and smoke alarm systems are essential.


Carbon monoxide and smoke alarm systems are necessary for every house with fuel-burning home equipment just like a water heater, furnace, range, grill or cooktop.


Even in all-electric houses, carbon monoxide may penetrate into the property from an attached car garage or in case of a backup power generator is too close to your living quarters in case of an electrical power outage.


A fire equipment is a real must to maintain your London residence and business safe. In case you are presently unequipped or require an upgrade, get in touch with our fire alarm installation in London specialists to offer you the peace of mind that you just should have.


Logicalgate Security proudly provides both residential and commercial security solutions and fire alarms installation services in London, Central London, North London, South London, East London and West London.


Contact us for the best fire alarm installation in London.